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Good deal

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If you want "The Incredibles" on DVD, the best deal is at Ultimate Electronics. It's $12, and you get a $5 UE gift card when you check out, so the price is effectively $7.

If you also want "Bambi", there's a $3 coupon for it in the Incredibles box. Use your new $5 gift card with the coupon, and you basically end up with both videos for about $20.

Disney's also got a long-standing deal going where you can get a "B-list" DVD (Robin Hood, The Rescuers) if you send in three proofs of purchase, so if you can find another cheap Disney movie (not necessarily at UE), you could end up with four DVD's for about $30-$35.

The only problem is that you've gotta put up with Ultimate Electronics, which has been an annoying experience for me both of the times I've ever entered the place. Unlike Best Buy, I always seem to be the only person there, and I'm always followed by a salesman who wants to give me bottled water and sell me a plasma TV when all I want is a friggin $12 DVD.
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I do want "The Incredibles" on DVD. But if it means paying more just so I don't have to get bothered by sales people, then I'll pay more...A lot more! I loath sales folk! I once met a time-share sales person who could write, legibly, upside-down with one hand while handing you "free tickets" with the other all the while telling you how the tourism industry is booming and that this is my one chance to get in blah blah. Evil! Had to run from that one.

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