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The basics are important!

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In life you cant run before you can walk, so why is it when it comes to something like programming people seem to forget this idea? Instead of getting the basics down and understanding it there seems to be this need to jump to the latest and greatest technology without really understanding what comes before it and even in some cases without even trying to properly understand the advanced subject.

For example, I'm starting to see a trend towards people jumping into shaders before understanding the basics of the OpenGL API. Sure, shaders are great, i'm learning about them and what they can do myself but I've been using OGL for some time now, I feel pretty happy with the basics and I'm put my own time and effort into learning how the shader language and the supporting API works, so I guess it winds me up a little to see people posting questions which with a little bit of thought and reading of a document (or preferable the Red or Orange books) could be answered on their own..

Dont get me wrong, I dont mind helpping people with the trickery parts, for example recently I've answered a fair few threads by Cyberslag on using VBOs, in the end getting 'im to send me the code so it could be fixed. The difference is that he put in the effort to try to work the problem out on his own, he read teh spec, he asked the right questions and he had a grasp of the basics before trying to use them!

My problem with spoon feeding infomation to people is that programming is basically problem solving. You get a problem and what the solution should look like and you go out and fight and kick and scream until you either beat it or need help, but far too many people it seems find a problem and then go looking for someone else to give them the answer without trying to work it out on their own first, which goes against the whole idea of programming imo.

I'll keep on helpping ofcourse, I do enjoy it, I can just see myself becoming more short and terse with my answers for what I consider 'simple' questions which would take the asker less time to work out than it would take me to write the answer..
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