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I've finally got the KVM working to the point that I can actually control both machines. I think the issue for the PC was the boot password - maybe it doesn't like USB devices that early in the sequence or something (or maybe the KVM can't cope with it), but now that I've disabled it, I can (usually) switch between machines without a problem.

I've also got travel arrangements sorted out for Florida, I think. Rather than getting up at obscene hours of the morning (like, single figure hours) I've found a decent hotel that I can go stay the night at. It'll mean taking a suitcase into work but I don't mind.
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Check your BIOS settings. On my machine there's a setting somewhere to check for USB keyboards before loading other stuff, so you can still do stuff like bring up the BIOS menu with a USB keyboard.

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I shall do. Though I suspect the problem is elsewhere because before I left for work this morning it seemed to have stopped working again [sad]

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