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Moore's Victorian approach

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Got a simple floor working, and collision springs.

Added a tripod for good measure, irrespective of Moore's opinions.

The problem now is that my dampnening mechanisms work fine for linear forces, but when they start producing torque, it tends to unbalance itself :) - after a while, my tripod turns the legs upside down - I need to get some friction going on.

Next up:
friction - ideally I'd determine what horizontal speed the point of contact has, determine the force that would be required to stop it in a small predetermined amount of time, and cap it, but that seems like a lot of processing. Other alternatives seem to me like they won't have a very realistic behavior.
Direct3D drawing?
In any case, start thinking about moving drawing routines to a library.
Clean up springs to use interfaces instead of the blocks directly.
Merge spring and dampner into a single instance, and simplify the calculations.

Guess where

Dim i As UInteger = 42
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Sorry, still wrong :)
It's actually the douro valley in Portugal - somewhat mediterranean microclimate, they grow the Port Wine grapes in this region.

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