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Forgot that I had a journal feature

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Dunno how people but I forgot that GDN+ has a journal/blog feature (even though I have already added one entry).

Anyway, sys.Stak engine is coming along nicely- just started on the GUI after hacking around the problem with falling through or 'ghosting' through the floors of Q3BSP maps (I did it without a FPS limiter). So now I can concentrate on the interface which is what i'm doing now.

I have decided to take the bog standard approach to the interface with a main interface object and all widgets derive from this object. I have the CStakInterface as the base class for all derived objects, then I have CUIWindow, CUIButton etc.
So I have it all sorted programmatically but what happens when I come to properly implementing an interface with multiple drag/drop windows etc? Only time and hacking around will show results.

Yea, I enjoy hacking around my code. Its cos i'm lazy ;)

Have a good one,

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