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I think advanced programming courses should have at least one project where students are required to make a truly production quality piece of software, including install program, manual, and help file, all debugged and ready to put in a "box".

That also includes removal of all user-editable resources (bitmaps and sounds, mostly) in the same directory as the app.

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I agree.

Unfortunately, the way in which the PopCap framework works requires the use of external files, and not resources from within the application itself, so all of my images are in "./images", all of my sounds in "./sounds", and my "resource manifest" is in "./properties"

one of the things I'll be doing relatively shortly is finalizing my graphics. the framework has the ability to load many types of files, so while everything has been a .PNG up until now, most of them will wind up as .GIF files, as they'll take up less space that way and I don't really need the color depth (most of my images use at most 4-6 colors).

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