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Snake Options Menu

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Finally got this part working. It allows you to customize the game in the following ways:

* You can select the width and height of the playing field, as small as 10x10 and as large as 40x30, in multiples of 5
* You can select the speed of the snake, from 5 to 25 cells per second, again in multiples of 5
* You can select the initial length of the snake (1 to 8)
* You can select how much the snake grows after eating a pellet (1 to 8)
* You can set a number of seconds for a penalty from 0(off) to 120 seconds, in multiples of 5.
* You can specify a number of penalty pellets that appear when the penalty timer elapses

So, near as I can tell, it is now feature complete. There are still a few minor things left to put in. I need to have a sound for when the penalty timer elapses. I also need to save all of the settings in the registry when the user quits the application.

I had initially considered making this game use the PlayDeez.com high score system, but with the number of ways that a player can customize the game, there would be too many variables to have just one high score list... I'd have to have a high score list dependent on size of board, speed of snake, initial length of snake, snake growth rate, penalty timer and number of penalty pellets. Potentially thousands of variations, each with their own high score.

So, I'm just going to leave it sans global high scores.
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Fix the font and color of the "Hit space to continue" to match the UI. Other than that, looks simple enough.

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