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I write this with my last dying breath

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Fellow GDNet members, as I speak, my monitor's picture grows ever blurrier, and it ocassionally makes a zapping noise, goes blank, then comes back into focus. My monitor is dying. Soon it will be nothing but a screen, an electron gun, some other parts, and an incredibly dangerous capacitor. When my monitor dies, I die. Woe is me. Goodbye, the Internet! You may have stolen my gigahurtz and my IQ points, but I still love you.

Remember me! Adieu, adieu, adieu!
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Recommended Comments

This is one of the most humorus journals I have ever read!

And I hope you finish that game someday... I too am making a GUI but I find it semi-exiting :)

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Well thanks for the compliments, Nietsnie, and I do intend to finish this game, though slightly different from my original plan. It's been ages and I've just started working on it again, my level editor is now about 90% done, and I can continue working on the actual game now. Should be interesting, I actually think this game might turn out rather well.

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