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Wax on, wax off

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Stephen R


The guard now kills the player, as do bombs that go off near the player. So now all the gameplay is coded into the game - from here on out its just aesthetics. So tomorrow I should add the shooting animation to the guards. Then once I get the explosions and death animations I'll add them in. That'll be all the animations and I'll then put in the various sound effects. The end is so close I can almost smell it.

I also worked on an interface for my new engine. I was at a loss about how I would structure the entity system, so I went through tutorials for various engines, seeing how the client interacts with them. The one that I thought looked the most effective and flexible was the one in Ogre. It had a very nice way of dealing with entities. I took the basic idea, as I saw it through the tutorials, and worked out a system that would suit me. I wrote down a lot - defining how the system would work, and how the client would interact with it - as well as a small "sample app" in semi-pseudo-code to see how feasable the system was. So far its looking quite good. I have quite high hopes for this engine.
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