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Old planet demo online

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Today i found an old planet engine demo on my hard drive. It's a bit obsolete now (6 months old!), and it requires a high configuration.. but if you followed my journal you might be find interesting. Here it is.

Minimum config:
- 2 Ghz CPU
- 512 Mb RAM
- ATI Radeon 9800+ or Geforce FX 5700+

I get 120M Tris/sec on my X850 XT and an Athlon 64 3500+.

Controls: arrows to move your "virtual ship". There is some inertia. The velocity is dependant of the altitude. Use page up/page down to change the vertical velocity. Hold SHIFT to move faster. Press "G" to toggle gravity (makes it interesting to land on the ground). The terrain is extremely large and procedurally generated. The video is still available Here.
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Can't try out the demo, but that video was just plain awsome. Great Job!

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Thanks. But it's still ages beyond what i'm trying to achieve. I have worked on a lot of different fields (i even have an old demo about procedural trees/vegetation generation), and i'd like to start the integration phase in around 6 months (ie. i'm giving myself another 6 months to clean up some mess, finalize the core engine, and then start to reimplement all these "research" demos correctly).

I remind you that a more recent video (link already posted in my journal) was available here, this one showing spherical planets (and not simply a flat terrain).

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Very nice! After the terrain is generated, I get a bit above 130fps on my ATI Radeon 9600 Pro. That's a lot of planet getting generated [wink] I entered gravity mode and tried to get to the bottom and it took quite a bit. I guess I need to do some more reading in your journal, but where are you going to go with all of this?

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I'm first going to finish the engine, and that's still going to take a while. I want to be able to render full planets procedurally, with a lot of details, in a completely seamless galaxy (no loading times). All of that in network.

Once the engine is done, i'm going to use it to make an Elite/Frontier game, ie. an open universe where the player can do whatever he wants, with emphasis on exploration rather than combat. Whether this will be a MMO or a small multiplayer game, i'm still undecided. It will mostly depend on the network tests i'm currently doing.

I chose a procedural sci-fi game because of the reduced amount of content needed in order to launch it. In your typical fantasy RPG/MMORPG, you need hundred of items, animated creatures, lots of maps/buildings, etc.. While in my case, all the nature data (including the vegetation) is procedural, and i don't have to animate/skin creatures. This should simplify a lot the amount of resources required to develop the game.

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