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Custom Shading Engine + Dynamic shading = wind on grass/water

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Here is the effect that I've been working on:

I got the idea from capn_midnight's optics work [smile] Basically the shading changes every 300ms down. This produces the effect that grass is moving in the wind... or maybe not, but either way it is really neat. I'll put it on the water probably... but thought that it was worth mentioning in this post.

I'm taking a break from audio programming because frankly its not going well. But I'll get back to it. I started working on getting events that can run every update (or every 3 updates etc) for things such as a follow event.

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Recommended Comments

Ugh - don't make them straight lines like that. Use the shading to make a "clouds-overhead" effect on the grass. Trust me, it'll look a lot nicer.

But using the wave one on... waves would probably be neat. Report back with an animated .gif! [wink]

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I agree with the above notion. Straight lines might look wierd...but I really like the idea.

.gif already!

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Your making really good progress, the screenshots from this entry look 100 times better from your early entries.

Are you going to make it into a game?

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Yeah, I'd figured that I would change it from a line, but simply getting it to work was pretty amazing to me [smile]

As far as whether or not I'm making this into a game: yes.

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