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Can't write, gotta read

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Read read read, all I does is read.

I came back with about eight "to be reviewed" books from the GDC. I'm reading Crick's "The Astonishing Hypothesis" for a reading group. I've got Mario Puzo's "The Last Don" from the library (so It's promoted to the front before it's overdue). Got about three software reviews in the queue too, so I've gotta do them.

I swear, I read more books than anyone I know, and I still can't get caught up.

I need more coffee.
On another note, I missed a seminar about Flash at the GDC, as I had an interview scheduled at the same time. Wonder of wonders, the guy doing the seminar posted the whole goldurned thing on the web.

read it here

Honestly, it's much better than I thought it'd be, and I'm now sorry I missed it. The author gives a good honest assessment of Flash and its capabilities. More importantly, he imparts about a dozen secrets of commercial Flash development that you can't do without.
I have now become Robert Redford's character in Three Days of the Condor.

"All I do is read books!"
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"The Last Don" was a great book. I like all of Puzo's books.. a new hardcover version of The Godfather is actually supposed to be released in a few months.

There is also a new book "The Godfather Returns" by Mark Winegardener that fills in a lot between the trilogy as well as fleshes out some characters.

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Yeah, "Returns" was my airplane-read for the GDC trip, so I decided to read some more Puzo.

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You know, you're first person I've ever heard - outside my family, that is - refer to Three Days of Condor. I never got around to reading Six Days of Condor, though...

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Great movie. One of my faves. Still the best spy movie ever made, IMHO.

I read the book a few years ago. I was actually a bit disappointed. It was much more straightforward and simplistic than the movie. The movie ended much better.

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