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Nanigans, with a side order of Shii

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the "ray test" will always find at least one outside face
so you can just remove the entire surface that such a face is sitting on
what if your space is toroidal?
such a common problem, too
you could drop a donut and see if it floats away... no, that wouldn't work
you ain't dropping any of /my/ donuts!
* Superpig dips and eats his donuts
you could dip your donuts in coffee, eat them, and stop caring about the problem
yeah, I'd go with that
except maybe hot chocolate instead of coffee
yay, fill the world with coffee and then remove all faces which dont have coffee on them
* dohtem viciously slaps the donut out of Superpig's grubby hand
Superpig: i think he just called you 'brush face'
Moopy: genius!
Moopy: ?
* Superpig stares at dohtem
you... you fiend!
* Superpig throws coffee at dohtem
forcible extricator of donuts!
watch out! toroidal space!
* dohtem dodges
coffee in all directions
* posit dives into a nearby hybercube
* Superpig lassoos dohtem with a donut
* dohtem is trapped by the tasty treat
Stop! toroidal time!
* Superpig swaps bits around to leave... dohnut and dotem!


Washu: have you ever tried pressing the same key over and over on a mobile phone predictive text system? I pressed 6 for 'mno' over and over and it typed 'nonmomo' before asking me to spell it.
by repeating that process for each key, I get the sentence: "cabba feede high jjjj nonmomo spr uttutuvut www."
I like 'uttutuvut'
but I wonder, what does it think I might be trying to start typing with 'jjjj'?
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I didn't understand what this post was about, so I checked the title. Needless to say, that didn't help.

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It's about Shenanigans, of course. Shenanigans abound in #gamedev. One must be eternally vigilant.

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