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I used to be indescisive, but now I'm not so sure

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Evil Steve


Another update. Just for the hell of it, since it's now midnight, and I'm having an early night.
In addition to what I posted earlier, I also fixed a few minor bugs, and added some commands. You can now change your showname, desc, and status. Status can be "AFK" or "Busy". It's more as a notification to others, and also if you're AFK or Busy, you can't be attacked or stolen from (when I get those bits coded). Also, if you're busy, you won't see .sayto's or actions unless they're directed to you. Just so there's less going on to distract you [wink]
I've also added commands for viewing online users (.who or .@), and for getting information about what tags are availiable (.colours).
Also also, I've fixed the online users and user list PHP pages, so you can see who's online, what their status is, and some other exciting information.

A plumber is comming tomorrow morning around 7:30am (in 7 hours time) to replace the boiler, so I'll likely be up early. And I plan on getting actions working (Shorthand /me's like /hi /wave /bye /moshpit, etc), and I'd like a few more commands - I still need kick/ban controls, a way to change your sex, and some admin more commands, and I'd really like to get NPCs or items started.
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