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Networking and next demo date

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Figured out why the networking was having problems getting initiated from my box to my brother's. The way that I had set up my networking is that there would be the two different instances of the game running, each on seperate computers. Each computer would have its own server on port 4444. So, each player would just connect to each other player on port 4444.

The obvious solution would be to have only one server. Hence a Game Server duhh!! So now I'm getting it working where each client will connect to the game server, and initiate an in and an out port to the server. With a limit of some 4 players per game, there is not much of a problem about the host server having to open more ports.

I feal like such an idiot though with trying to have each game have its own server... it was no wonder it wasn't working both ways from my brother's house....

On another note, now that school has started back up again, less programming will get done.... but I must say that doing that much programming in consecutive days gets down on your ability to be creative.

Anyway, next wed should be the next demo release with the ability to select the main actor, highlight his range, and move him to that square. Along with the cool wind/water effect that I've been working on...
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