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Rob Loach


While taking a look at Python I decided that I might as well make a Dev-C++ DevPak for it as one didn't exist yet. So, you can find it here. I haven't gotten too much into the language yet, but I did get an interpreter for it onto my Pocket PC. I'll eventually do up a simple tic tac toe clone just to get a grasp on the language before doing anything that involves wrapping it to C.

With Lua I reformatted the class to have more of a "homely" feel:

#include "scriptlua.h"

int main(){
ScriptLua lua;
lua["SomeVariable"] = 20;
lua.CallFunction("SomeFunction", "arg1", lua["SomeVariable"].ToInteger());
std::cout << "SomeVariable is: " << lua["SomeVariable"].ToString();
return 0;

But what does all this scripting stuff have to do with the engine or anything else that I'm working on? I have no clue and thanks to this journal entry or I'd be lost forever. I shall get back on track. Asteroids and then a quick and dirty tile engine to create a snake clone (where the snake eats you!... Or something like that, I don't have all the gameplay details yet).

Random Interest

I finally retire in Nanaca Crash:

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Nanaca Crash was a work of genuis. Unlike how I spelled the word "genuis".

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