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Animated Model Loading

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The editor can now load the animated model format. I had to rewrite some of the tangent generation functions in the animation library to get the shader materials working properly. Animated models are loaded in as static meshes in the initial pose they were modeled in. Materials are edited exactly the same as with the static meshes. This editor could easily be expanded with plugins to support multiple file formats.

Another adjustment was made so that if a model is not centered around (0,0,0) in model space, the camera in the editor will still be able to center the object. This is done by finding the center of the mesh, in model, space and aligning the camera using the X and Y coordinates from that center. Once this is done the camera makes incremental steps backwards from the object until it is completely in the frustum. I'll add camera shift along the XY coordinates using the middle mouse button soon.

Next I'll add save for the DEAM files and this thing should be fully operational - though more like the fully operational death star from Return of the Jedi than the original. Still needs a shield generator on a nearby moon to keep it safe from invading star cruisers.

[Edit]Here is a DEAM (Depth Engine Animated Model) Dwarf with three bumpy materials using one light.

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