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Almost done...

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Well, after 4 months of not working on the basement, it is finally almost done. I will be finishing the ceiling tonight, laying the tile floor on Friday, finishing the woodwork this weekend, and having the carpet installed on Thursday next week.

After that, I get to build my bar, poker table, and foosball table. All this while going to school, working full time, and learning programming :p
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Did someone say foosball!? And did you say you're going to build the table? Cool!

One of my friends just built his own bar. He did it at a fraction of the price he could have bought one for and he got to add all of his own little customizations along the way. What type of materials are you planning to use?

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I usually like to use Oak for everything, but I plan on having it be black with a black granite top so I may use MDF or pine. The sink and foot rail will be a brushed nickel.

The poker table will be black also with brushed nickel studs around the outside and brushed nickel cup holders.

I haven't decided on the foosball table yet, I kind of want to have it match the bar and poker table, but I always wanted to make one with the Simpson's vs. SouthPark. I want Homer as one goalie and Cartman as the other goalie. I was thinking of when one scores a goal on Cartman, I could have it say, "HEY!" or "Goddamnit!" and if one scores on Homer, it would say, "Doh!" Not sure how old that would get. I don't know how I would get all the figures to be the same regulation size though. I would have to stretch Cartman out and shorten Marge.

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