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Crunch Time

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Okay, I have a week and a half without school and I'm going to get this game finished within that time. I've drafted up a list of all the different tasks that I have to do before all the coding is done and I'm just ploughing through it now. I actually don't have that much left - I've added most of the sounds and animations to the game, so I'm just waiting for the last few to be made before I put them in. Right now I'm putting together the various menus, which I should get the majority of done tonight. Then all thats left is the code to make the player progress from level to level, but that isn't a big deal. I have a small bit of tweaking to do on the level editor - specifically I have to add constraints to various slide bars and add options to list boxes in light of whats been added/removed during developement. What I have left is about equivelant to what I did in the last four hours of Maul Ball's developement so I'm just going to work on this till its done.

I had a fair bit of trouble with my sound system today, which I actually hadn't even tested till I needed it today. DirectMusic isn't at all as easy to use as FMOD. I thought I could simply play multiple segments concurrently on the performance object but that was a no go. So I had to restructure the system so that I effectively have two channels - the music channel and the fx channel. Then I realised that the sound had reverb on it. I looked for about an hour through docs to see where you turn off effects. Eventualy I saw that I had set the flag in the segment loading code which I'd just copied out of the DMusic docs - thats the last time I copy/paste code.
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