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Shannon Barber


I've finally hit on a game to remake that's simple but not too simple. The graphics of the NES version didn't do the arcade version of Rampart justice, but it was great fun to play.

Bringing the game to the modern PC promises cool new features. I can't wait to take on the GD community in head-to-head network play :) It'll be possible to have lots of little non-linear animations to give the ships, cannon, and castle walls a touch of increased realism. The PC's power will allow smarter opponents in solo play, and much larger maps, though I'm not certain that larger maps would make it any more fun.

I definetly want gold to be involved. I think cannon, castle walls, and (I'm adding) towers will cost money to construct, and maybe even firing the cannons will have a small cost as long it doesn't detract from the fun of demolishing your opponent.

Look forward to an alpha version of Cannon Siege, coming next July from The Holmlor.
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Too many journals to post in now! [smile]

Make sure you post some screenshots once you have something pretty to look at.

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I'm looking forward to it! I gather its a non-persistant RTS (non-MMO)? I still want to see an MMORTS. That'd make my day. *hint* *hint*

Just teasing. I'm sleep-deprived. [wink]

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With all respect and honor, sir, I salute you. AT LAST YOU STARTED A JOURNAL. [smile]

The journals are really getting hot these days, with the big guys starting.

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