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A new project

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I have decided to start out on a new game development project, after recently managing to pull together enough inspiration to hopefully see this through. To summarise:

- Top-down 2D real-time team-based tactical shooter

- Primary language C++. Perhaps Lua too if scripting is needed.
- SDL, OpenGL, Boost, STLPort, and as many other 3rd party libraries as I can use to save time. (This probably includes PhysicsFS, TinyXML, and maybe SQLite.)

Selling points:
- An emphasis on advanced AI
- Tactics and positioning more important than resource management
- Varied mission types to promote different play styles

Right now I'm just conducting the feasibilty study, by enumerating all the basic concepts I need to check up on (including combining steering behaviours with collision detection, line of sight calculations, running game logic at a fixed rate, etc). Since I expect I will be doing everything myself (except perhaps a bit of the art) I want to make sure everything is practical before I dive in.

Oh, and there's still a chance I might do it all in Python instead of C++. Python, Pygame, plus PyOpenGL should be sufficient for everything. One cool thing about Python is that I can start writing C++ utility classes for the project now and they'll be relatively easy to get into Python via the various binding routines later, if I choose that language instead.

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions?
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Recommended Comments

Sounds like a big projects. Once you get something going, make sure to post some screenshots!

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Hopefully it should feel like a small project! There's very little here I haven't done before so ideally it's just a case of throwing it all together and adding interesting gameplay. The interesting part will be the AI and whether I can get it to be as emergent as I hope for.

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Python would be wicked, especially because you can shove C/C++ parts in and out of it.

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