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I've almost completely eliminated fixed-function from the Golem3D engine. Just need to write a vertex shader to render the ground (I've been thinking about alternate schemes for drawing the ground transitions as well) and it'll be done. It doesn't do anything fancy, no pixel shaders or anything, but with some things I've been able to do differently I've gotten about a 15% frame-rate increase from the switch to shaders. Probably ought to be able to get more after I do some cleanup, since there are some redundant state changes still lurking around.

I've been extremely busy lately, what with work and stuff, and today was the first day I've had in a week or so to really sit down and actually do anything. The rest of the week looks to be pretty busy as well, up until next Tuesday, when things ought to slow down a bit. That'll be nice, for a change.

I've got a friend visiting from Hawaii. He decided to take a little vacation from being a beach bum. I wish I had his life. [grin]
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