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Stephen R


Since I posted yesterday I've basically finished all the coding for the game. All the animations are in and working correctly. All the menus and misc splash screens are in. Most of the sounds are in. I only have to add the code to get the music playing when I get it, and play the explosion sound when I get it - both of which are about two lines of code a piece. The rest of the artwork won't require any changes to the code when I get them. Ahh, its quite pleasant when things go right.

The one thing I've noticed over the 1.5 days is that I work about five times harder when I'm on break from school. I've done nothing but code since I got off school at twelve o'clock yesterday and I've done what I was hoping I could get done in 7 days. Its not just that I have more time, even on weekends I don't have the stamina that I have at the moment - I don't get significantly more done on a saturday than on a wednesday. I think the moral here is that secondary school is a soul crushing hell hole and the summer can't come soon enough. Not that I'm complaining or anything [smile].

The game will still probably be released towards the end of next week because I want to get it tested thuroughly first. And I'm refering to this game as "the game" because we STILL haven't got a propper name for it yet.

EDIT: And I'm currently addicted to Bontago. Check it out - its a brilliant game.
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I played it until I beat the CPU... took me a few tries to get the hang of it. It's fun.

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Yeah, but up the size of the board, the number of flags and the number opponenets and try and win then.

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stro, you better include me in the testing process. I'm on a serious Commandos withdrawl...

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