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  • Random Observation of the dAy!
    Caek is good. Too much caek, however, cancels out the good and inevitably turns to bad. Until you puke. Then caek is good again. GOTO: beginning.

My Dx framework is turning out kickass. I fucking love polymorphism. Every class that can render is derived from a common base class. To render something, you simply pass a pointer to the main rendering list, and voila. Doesn't matter what kind of object you give it, yadda yadda.

The neat thing is that they're stored in a multimap (string to pointer) so you can just as easily remove them. Since we're using strings to do this, scripting is PIE.

The fun doesn't stop there. The rendering list class is DERIVED FROM THE SAME BASE CLASS! Which means you can pass the main rendering list another list. Or remove a list. Which means you can easily swap around menu graphics, Quad/Oct Tree nodes, anything. Pretty fucking sweet.

Working on: Now that I've got a skeleton of a rendering framework up, I can start building all of the fun 3D stuff. I'm going to start by fixing my FVF declarations (I'm sure they're borked), then setting up some kind of system for projection and world matrices. I already have a class to generate matrices for a point, handles velocity, acceleration, rotation, rotational acceleration, friction, all that crap, so that's handled. Then I'll need to write a cCamera class.

After I get all that done, I'll probably do something easy like a basic terrain renderer. After that, the sky's the limit (probably will get started with HLSL, or something cool like that).

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I like the idea of having all the objects based off the rendering object.... would certainly make things easier [smile]

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Only objects that support the object.render(cDX*) method are based on it. But yeah, it's pretty neat. I love polymorphism! ^_^

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