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Dialogue Font

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Here is the new and now current font that will be used for dialogue. It is verdana, with post proccessing for a slightly raised apperence and a character stroke.

The font is naturaly white, but it changes color through modulation depending on what character is speaking, at the moment Haliphen is speaking, so it is light blue.

And here is a different font that is up for debate:
better than the first?

oppinions? please?
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Recommended Comments

I wish I had your tallent. Great work man, reminds me so much of Diablo II I think I'll buy it when it comes out!

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Thanks for the praise =D

any comments on the font, in particular?

Too Big?
Too Small?
Too Plain?
etc. etc.

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I think the spacing between the letters is a little too much. And, uh, as a personal preferance I'd like to be able to see either the name of the character speaking or a small avatar near the text (like BoF3/4/5). Because I wouldn't be able to associate color to character, and I wouldn't always have the volume on to hear the voiceovers.

Or, you can do speech bubbles coming off the characters (but you have to be careful with those - they can obstruct the view). But in general, avatars > *.

| O O | Haldo, there. You must go |
|\ ` /| and slay the dragon in the |
| \__/ | dungeon and be killed youself. |

Like that ^

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Ah, well, we wont be having Avatars, that I can assure you of, far too rpg for us ;-)

we will be using the standard adventure game, color->character relation, sorry that it doesnt work well with you =/

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yes, that is the feeling we are getting from most people, and I agree, I think the tighter text with a bolder face and larger stroke makes for a better font in this case.

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Oh well, I tried. But yeah, the text looks much better in the second screen! [thumbup]

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I am a fan of Times New Roman font :)

I do like the spacing better in the second one.

Also, I agree with Mushu about the avatar thing or you could do some thing like:

PRINCESS MORNING: This place is eery, who designed this game?

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I like the color of the first and the look of the second. *ponder* It is probably most character spacing related. That and the first one looks pretty flat (i.e. dull), I think.

Ultimately comparisons should be done with the same text/area and so on though (=

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Definitely prepend the dialog text with the name of the character speaking. It helps a LOT. I also like the second font better - it's more readable (bolder) and easier to read against the darker backgrounds your game seems to have.

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Since some people don't like the 'character name' prefix, we will have to make it an option.

so many 'no right answer' problems in games =/

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