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Hmmmmm, Ogre

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I did a bunch of work on the asteroids clone. Since I reworked Lucid I had to completely start over with this one. The code is nicer looking now and is significantly smaller. I can pretty much copy over what I did minus about two hundred lines to result in the same thing.

In other news, this is kind of rewarding:

After all the moaning from coldacid, I downloaded a build of OGRE and decided to have a try with it using Dev-C++ and Mingw/GCC but had some troubles. Apparently the compiler release they shipped with the latest version of Dev-C++ "is buggy" so I tried what I put together with the previous version and successfully compiled the CameraTrack demo. One problem though, the console seems to popup whenever you run the application. Anyone know of a way to get the console to not pop up when running an OGRE application?... I should really just use Visual Studio.

Random Interest

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Just dropping in.. Nice work too!

I also think its cool how you post in so many people's journals. I see 1+ comment in journals and Im like I bet Rob is one of them. Nice work there too!

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