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Yummy fleks!

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One thing that's very cool about living in Southlake (besides living about a mile from Pat Summerall) is that we're a scant few blocks away from the HQ of GermanDeli.com. Their warehouse doubles as a storefront, and it's the best place ever to pick up sausages, chocolate, and extremely dense bread.

Of course that also means that my wife's new favorite breakfast cereal is Kolln Knusprige Haferfleks Schoko, which is a bit hard to explain to people in conversation.

This year we're going to go trick-or-treating at Summerall's house, just to see what we'll get.
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Just say "Crunchy Chocolate Oat Flakes." Rough literal translation.

As an alternative, you can always segue into a conversation about bratwurst, which should make you the life of the party. Trite "informational" remarks such as, "Did you realize that in Germany nearly every town has its own beer and sausage? That the frankfurter is actually the City Sausage of Frankfurter? And the hamburger is from Hamburg? Ha-ha! Now I understand the joke about JFK's 'I am a Berliner!' declaration!"

*Ba-dum-bish* "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! I'll be here all week!"

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A few things disturb me about Haferfleks....

1. The picture looks like a bowl of rabbit turds(mmmm.... Haschensheisse!)

2. And I quote: "Best before DATE: January 17, 2005!"

3. If you use altavista to translate the page as a whole, it tells you the *REAL* ingredients: "Whole oats, sugar,

paints extract

, wheat flour, cornstarch, dextrose, glucose syrup, whole milk chocolate, cocoa more powder, iodine salt, flavoring and cinnamon"

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I like the new avatar, as he appears to be giving "paints extract" the hairy eyeball.

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