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I'm currently working on getting in depth work done on game's mechanics: I.E. combat system, rules, etc. with some real math behind it. Hopefully it won't take me too much longer because I'm itching to start coding and get something up on the screen to show you all.

In other news, a college friend of mine has moved back here and is helping out with business/marketing and probably a whole bunch of other junk with Project: Delphi. This makes me happy.

In personal news, I got a full time position at my old job, so I will have money again (and hopefully will be much more productive as such). I have also completely decided to return to college and get my B.A. in Computer Science. I'd like the B.S., but I just don't have the time and money for 3 full years. I'm looking forward to returning and getting this degree, and I have started the readmission process. But enough with this personal crap, this journal is supposed to be about games!
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