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World of Warcraft Rawks!

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I havent posted in a long time, recently Ive been playing lots and lots and lots of WOW, Because it is one, truely awesome kickass game. It amazes me how easy it is to get into and yet how hard at later levels it is to play, Blizzard are the geniouses behind it all, the balence between everything is perfect, there is n ever anything short to do in it, its just one truely awesome game, i give it 10/10. oneone

On a side note ive also been playing transport tycoon delux (open ttd) http://www.openttd.com/. Its a remake/improvment of the original tycoon game by Chris Sawyer, this includes a great improvment on multiplayer capabilities which is fun to play with friends.

And yes, I have been coding! The last project which i complained about in my last post, has had a revamp, same idea, differnt theme kind of thing. Ive been using raknet to network things and i have a nice interface and a console going, im hoping to get a level editor done soon, but im actually having fun! Ill keep you guys up to date.

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Random interjection: it's "Your battleship has sunk, I wish grandma could see us now."

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I discovered OpenTT myself a few weeks ago and got hooked, its a seriously good remake!

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