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Mui Yar!!!

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Well, I've finally decided that the main display engine is pretty much done. So the next order of business is to make a small demo. So I have set out these things for the upcoming demo:

  • It will be two person head to head battle
  • Networked
  • Multiple characters per team
  • Move and Attack Commands
  • Chat
  • Simple battle animations
  • Menu implementation with Options for Move, Attack, and Wait
And I think that is that...

ALSO, what the heck is the icon on this journal post?? I can't figure it out...
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Once you get the demo done, I wish to challenge you. (NO GAME-MASTER style CHEATING!!) Y'all play nicely now.. *FLASHBACK

Mushu-san remembers a time long ago when he was playing D&D with some friends. He wasn't liked by the DM, and was chased up a tree by a pack of ferocious wolves that strangely attacked only him; then the tree broke, and he landed on a rock, dealing a disproportionate amount of damage... and he died; the last sounds he heard was the snickering laughter of his un-fallen comrades.

Ah yes, the first and last time I ever played that stupid game...

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