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My hair is getting rather long, so today I called up all the local barber shops.... they are booked for at least another 2-3 weeks during the time that I would be able to get a haircut. SO, I have decided that tomorrow after easter dinner that I'll cut my hair myself. I'll post pictures here. I'm waiting until after easter incase my haircut goes too horrible...

Java Tactics demo should be out on wed, so that is going on schedule. The only thing that I am having some concerns with is getting the characters to walk right across uneven terrain. Currently the instantly jump to the target tile's height before they start moving....
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This is totally random, but I just wanted to tell you that this is my favorite journal to read. You have made some major progress man...congrats!

Now, I want some pictures of that hair!

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I second evolutional's shaving suggestion. I shave mine as well. (Well, at least, I use the 1/8 in. clipper attachment). Makes cutting your own hair a breeze.

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