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Whee, custom controls

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Evil Steve


The ListView control irritates me. Firstly, I couldn't get it to display how I wanted it to in the dialog editor, then I couldn't get it to display anything in my app, then I realised it uses bloody Image Lists, which means all the images need to be the same size. Which is a slightly annoying limitation.
So anyway, I'm writing my own control now, a DruinkView control :P You interface with it in a similar way to the ListView, except you pass it a struct containing a HBITMAP and a const char*. At the moment there's functions to add and update images, and I'll add a function to remove them shortly.
Unfortunately, the scrollbars are playing silly buggers (As you can see from my last post in this thread)

Here's a screenie of how it looks so far. It's not much, but it makes my Journal look more interesting :P
I've got all the code working perfectly for downloading images and loading them into an HBITMAP, by abusing the D3DX library to do the loading for me without needing DirectX9 installed (I create a dummy IDirect3DSurface9 structure, and pass that around). It also means I don't need to arse around with another DLL or 3, as I would with SDL_image (I don't know about DevIL).
I also have a placeholder image that gets displayed while the avatar is being loaded from disk (and I'll add another one for when the image is being downloaded).

Oh, how exciting!
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With DruinkMUD, you pay for the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge.

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