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Michael Tanczos


My grandmother had been living with my family for the past five years. Last night she died in her sleep in her bed. They took her to the funeral home about an hour ago. I hope she's looking down at us from heaven.
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Man, sorry to hear that. I hope she had a good life. I'm sure she just loved being close to you guys for the past few years. How are you doing?

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Doing okay.. the funeral is going to be wednesday. She lived a good life, and we suspected she wasn't going to make it through Easter.

Michael Tanczos

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I lost my grandmother about six weeks ago. She fell, hit her head and damaged her hip, but didn't die. She actually had a heart attack, but the shock of the fall restarted her heart. She was uncomfortable in her first hospital, so my parents moved her to a state facility closer to them (this is my mother's mom).

They were fairly well prepared for her to go, and everyone - mom, dad, my sister, my uncle, my aunt, my dad's friend and his wife - were actually gathered around her bed and they sang hymns. She gave them all a blessing and then started to drift off. My mom leaned over and told her I had said to tell her I loved her, and she reopened her eyes and smiled. Then she died.

You have my condolences. I don't even get to be at the funeral.

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One can't delete journal posts. I remember that now. Either that, or they always show up as undeleted to mods/staff.

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