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I've been dead with a flu/fever recently, and have been spending countless hours asleep in various rooms of my house. My head is spinning and pounding, and it's been impossible to get any work done.

I have, however, purchased a book on AI, and am attempting to read it between migraines. Hopefully I'll finish it soon. I just want to get back to programming again.
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Just words , but hope you get better soon, it sucks to be sick. [smile]

The real reason Im posting here though, is because I found your footer Project description on CivSim to be very interesting because, I also, am interested in Emergance. But from another direction.

There is a theory that the laws of physics themselves may well not be set in stone, that is the laws of physics might very well be coevolving and changing due to the fact the laws themselves may have been formed due to an emergent process. Good luck with your studies and I hope to see you in academia someday. [grin] I will try to find some article, in New Scientist I believe, which recently brought up this relatively old idea [50's as far as I am aware] to the limelight.

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