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It's been a fun few days. I've had a friend over since Thursday night, we've watched a lot of DVDs, played games, cooked food, and generally chilled with alcohol. And yesterday a girl came round, and between barbequeue and curry, we.. well, I'm not sure where things are between us, but I think they're in a good place [grin]

I've been talking and posting about things that, when brought together, may leave people wondering what exactly it is that I'm working on. I'll see about putting together a design doc for general consumption in the near future, because this is one of those ideas that I'm really excited about - it's got the "saleable innovation" (i.e. the cool/different/interesting idea that becomes a major USP), the simple ruleset that lends itself to a wide range of play situations, high potential for online/community connections and replay, and it'll look fucking cool. ^_^
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