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I'm making you guys wait..

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because tomorrow my new digital camera should be in. It'll be a little hard to take before and after pictures without a camera [smile]. I will also by a pair of head clipper thingies. The shavers that barbers use. It should be easier to work with then the old pair of scissors that I was going to try and butcher my hair with...

And to top this post off, I have a rather large essay to write for one of tomorrow's classes.... arg. So Monday or tuesday it shall be! (Depending in when the camera comes in...)

Also, I shall be stealing journal titles.
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Hi [grin]!!

I know you from the Isometric forums, Java Iso Game dude... Now I get the comment on the thievery of titles.

EDIT: Im stealing your ideas back from me..MUHHAHHAHAHA *cough* *wheeze*

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