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Baby structures

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It's been a while since I didn't update my journal, so I thought I'll give you an update.
I've been very very busy in the last 2 weeks, working at Barren Moon, and doing various administrative stuff for Eternal Lands.
Today we got another server developer, which helped us with quite a few things in the past, namely making the Small VM assembly version work under Linux/FreeBSD, and a lot of client work.
Since we all have full time jobs, and because we are also busy with policing the game, forums, etc. we needed some additional manpower.
Meanwhile Wytter had a small 10 days vacation from the military, and he felt like coding, so he fixed a few bugs in the EL server, and made some interface related stuff for the BM client.

In the last two weeks I started working at the structures (a structure, in BM, means a building, a statue, bridge, etc.)
For the time being, the baby structures are done. A baby structure is, basically, a 'construction site'. It can be any 3D object, and the workers will construct on it (add the materials and giving their work points). Once all the required materials and workpoints are 'given' to the baby structure it will become a full structure.
For example, a research lab will become a full research lab, where you can enter, exit, research, etc. rather than just a construction site.
Now I am starting working at the full structures, which is not easy. A lot of things have to be considered, because any mistake in the planing or execution stages can have dire consequences (namely, a lot of time lost).
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