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40th Hour

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18 Cups of coffee I think. I refilled the pot about 2 & 1/2 times that I can remember, maybe more before that. Almost half a bag of Splenda and 1/2 a bottle of sugar free syrup ghost.

I've been listening to the same 20 MP3s for the past 10 hours. It's all very odd.

I've just finished the 50% drop on my C++ book. Had to make up a couple of weeks of work because I fell behind (damn GDC :>)Wrote 17,659 words in 3 days. At least that's what MS Word thinks.

What was funny was going outside to get more milk for coffee. No shave in three days + melanin + hoodie = American Taliban. You know somethings up when dogs start barking, moms hustling their kids off the street, and the Terror Alert goes up as soon as you step outside.

I was supposed to start a job today, but I'll have to blow that off. I'm in temp hell these days, anyway, so I'm not exactly risking losing a job with the Donald.

What's I find interesting from a phenomenological standpoint is the change in perception that accompanies sleep deprivation. I seem to be very lucid and aware of multiple things at once. At the same time I had to use a calculator just to add 22, 23, and some other number (heh, left side...it's gone bye-bye for now)

I suppose this is at least more entertaining than those who post while drunk. Marginally.

Straylight Update
Heh. Yeah. Real funny... I'll finish it up real quick, just lemme get more coffee..
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LOL :-) 17000 words in 3 days? Well, at least it gives me some hope for my own thesis... maybe I can manage to write that much, if I find some time out of work that is [rolleyes]
Then again, unlike my MSc thesis, you have the advantage of writing towards some goal, it seems. Good luck with the book, then!

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