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Garbage Collection

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I've decided to add a incremental tracing garbage collector to my otherwise unnamed 'scripting' framework. All objects are allocated in a TMemoryPool object, so I'll need to have a way to return them to the pool. I was looking at the GM framework and I like the way they've implemented their garbage collector. I think I'm going to model it in a similar way.

The idea is that there's no reference counting, the GC will look through a few allocated objects on each frame and dtermine whether thay can be reached or not. If they can't, they're sectioned off in a 'white' list and work continues. When everything has been scanned, the GC enters a cleanup phase which destructs the objects and hence returns them back to their specified memory pools.

I'm really liking the freelist/MemoryPool approach, so much so it's going to wing its way into Manta-X soon - that is, when I'm done with this current project.
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