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Game Tutorials

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OK, I received my game tutorials CD from GameTutorials.com that I paid $50 for.

I was hoping for some user interface or at least a book type learning format. Instead, it is just a bunch of programs (nicely arranged) that are loaded with comments to teach you.

It isn't bad, I was just hoping for more for the cost.

Also, every C++ program starts out with void main() and doesn't work with Dev-C++ until I change it to int main(). None of the programs have return 0; either. I thought you had to have both?
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I have really bad news for you, you wasted your money. You should have gotten a book with that $50 or go to
www.ultimategameprogramming which has the same type of things that the CD you bought has (commented code instead of articles(though it has a few of those too), and it covers C++, DirectX and OpenGL) but it's free.

Hopefully your CD will have some things that can help you, but I dought it.

EDIT: About the return 0; thing, I am pretty sure you don't need to have it at the end of the main. If you don't put 'return 0;' or 'return 1;' or whatever there then it defaults to return 0;

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I did learn one thing from the CD right before reading your comment. It explained the return 0 thing to me :P

Not sure why they are starting each function with void main() though. Maybe it has something to do with Visual Studio since they recommend using that with the CD.

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GameTutorials is horrible. You can get a C++ book that's better then those "tutorials" for less then $50.

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In your own programs, just keep using int main and returning 0. It's bad practice not to do so, in spite of the fact that a lot of compilers will accept it.

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