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Stephen R


I arrived at the scripting section of the design doc thismorning, which I'd been dreading due to my complete lack of experience with the topic, its apparent complexity and its importance to the engine. I'd basically decided to go with AngelScript, but having never used it I was in no position to design a wrapper for it. So I decided to write some sample apps to see how difficult this thing was to use.

Let me just say this: Angelscript rocks. I had the basic parser set up in a few minutes. It took me a while to get an empty test function to compile and execute due to some slight retardation on my part. But once I had that going I was able to register functions, globals variables, and classes in no time. It even supported polymorphism right out of the box - I was very impressed. The only thing is that you can't use any virtualy inherrited functions with it but that shouldn't be too hard to avoid/work around.

I really look forward to making games in a scripted environment. It'll allow for a level of depth that I haven't come close to so far.
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Does anglescript use boost? I might give it a try, but I already spent a lot of time and effort into embedding Lua (and it's not really OO).

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