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Weekend in SF

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So I took this weekend off and drove up to San Francisco, took the 101 all the way (it's the scenic route). It's such a nice drive, next to be beach, all the vineyards along the way, and just nice scenery all the way.

I do wish I could afford a laptop, our hotel room had free DSL hookup, but I guess we all need to be unplugged for a while and just enjoy the outdoors and small vacations.

So yea, no programming post right now, maybe tonight if I get anything significant done, but I think today will consist of figuring out where I left off and picking it up from there.

So, anyone get a PSP? does it live up to all the hype? I probably won't get one, just like I never got a gameboy, gameboy advance or gameboy advance sp... even though I always said I would... I just don't really have time to play portable games, the only time I could actually play, is when I'm driving home, or to work, but there's one problem... I'm driving. I rather have a beefy laptop.

Ok, for a non-programming related post, this is getting too long. Cya.
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