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Oh noes, hexidecimal!

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int main()

unsigned short* VideoBuffer = (unsigned short*)0x6000000;
*(unsigned long*)0x4000000 = (0x3 | 0x400);

VideoBuffer[80 * 240 + 120] = 0xFFFF;

while(1) {}

return 0;

Who dosen't love GBA code?
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Holy crap! That's all it takes to capture the front buffer of the GBA screen?! I'm impressed. That's pretty 1337.

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Yeah, that's pretty much it. I still need to learn double buffering and Vsync for the gba, though.

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Isnt there a typedef or something for GBA C++?

Edit: Yup there is. So you can go

typedef unsigned short WORD;
typedef unsigned long DWORD;

WORD* VideoBuffer = (WORD*)0x6000000;
*(DWORD*)0x4000000 = (0x3 | 0x400);

Reminds me of old DOS programming. Excellent stuff.

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