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Still waiting....

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The Camera still didn't come in today.... ARG! Todat was when it was supposed to be delivered, so I called up UPS to find out why it hadn't. "Due to weather conditions" was the answer!

Weather Conditions!!? Granted it was raining, but it wasn't even snowing! phf....

So don't worry, I still plan on cutting my hair for you enjoyment. [smile] In fact, I wish that I could already be done with it. Its so horrible just sitting here and waiting for something to come in the mail.

As far as Java Tactics goes, I have come to a snag... I have been debugging most of my stuff with with only one instance of Java Tactics running, so today I figured that I would try and get both instances running at the same time. And here is the snag: Whenever a network connection is attempted, it exits with a NullPointerException OR a ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception..... what the hell!!?

Since I have tomorrow off, I should be able to fix the problem, but frankly I am quite at a loss to why the networking code isn't working anymore...
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i track alot of ups packages at work, i have come to notice this:

when the package is marked at a date/location with a delay reason, the delay occured prior to the destination city. so if the weather could have been bad a day ago, in another state or two over then that might explain the delay.

i saw an overnight package take 3 days once.

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Hey, I just got my package [a whiteboard] which I payed next day delivery for and ordered from a city 2 hours away. I ordered it last week Wednesday.

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