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Easter weekend, I guess it was a vacation because I had 4 days off from work. And I spend all of them out of town. So I also decided that I won't really post another big long explination of my world view. But I did want to get the jist of it out.

We shouldnt have a section of news each week that details the movie box office results, and ranks them for the weekend. I think there should be weekly sections detailing the money that big companies have donated to colleges and NSF type foundations. I am sick of this worthless product that any company can make, and just market the sh** out of it until they sell something. I think we need to move into a more productave state as a world. Back to the money that get donated to colleges, I talking millions. We have enough buisnesses in the country to fund college for everyone, if they would donate. So free school for anyone for as much as they can take. Any money that was donated that does not pay for college things that tuition would have, should go to developing new technologies. Any new technology that comes out of a funded-college should be free for any one within the country to use however they see fit. A patent would be held in the name of the United States. Only fees should be paid if it is used by a company in another country. So that would being better and newer technology to our businesses to use. And it would only cost them the cost of production + parts & shipping. I think that could help bring the country to a stronger state in the future. Heck, I don't think its really all that bad of an idea no matter where you live.

games should be about fun and adventure, not killing or getting killed only. im off to play cs:s now.
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