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Things are gonna be good

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Michael Tanczos


My grandma's funeral is wednesday.. and I've been doing a lot to keep myself occupied.

One thing that has me excited is a new project for gamedev.net. We've been working on it for a few months now and I'm convinced that it is by far one of the coolest projects we have ever undertaken. Not only is it cool in and of itself, but it sets a stage to implement a bunch of ideas that even some forum members have tossed around.

I've sworn off giving away details so that the hype machine doesn't become overwhelming.. and most moderators aren't fully aware of the scope of this project yet either. So for now it stays a secret.. but it's not that much longer. =)

I'd recommend getting GDNet+ if you don't have it yet.. yeah, yeah.. I'm plugging the subscription service, but I promise you'll want to be a member *before* we launch it. If you were still on the fence about it, at least sign up for a 3 month subscription.. it's pretty cheap as is and helps us to keep doing cool things.

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Now I won't be able to sleep in anticipation of details...thanks! [smile] Glad I'm already a GDNet+ member.

My condolences to you on the loss of your loved one.

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I do not think there is anything really that I can say that would be of significance and meaning to you but I will simply state that I empathize.

But I really cant wait till the things you are hinting at are implemented. Now you have me all excited and what not, I can't wait now. When will it come out? when? when ? when? It feels like christmas as a child, oh the frustration...

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