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Evil Steve


Ok, Avatar support is completely done. I've now got a few minor things to do to DruinkIM, then I can get back on with the MUD server.
Here's a screenshot of the avatar viewer in action, with my amazing custom control:
The "steve" tooltip is the actual tooltip, and the "Testing, 123,..." bit is because the avatar there is a screenshot I tool earlier.
And the reason that "my" avatar is Sshado's GDNet avatar is because I was testing if GDI+ copes with animated GIFs, which it obviously does. Hooray!

Next up, I'd like to add another dialog (or maybe make this one tabbed) to show your body status (see below), and your stamina, hit points and magic points.

In my MUD, you'll have different statuses for different body parts (I don't know if I've mentioned this before). A body part can be Ok, Scratched, Injured, Broken, Badly Broken, or Gone. Different statuses for different body parts will affect things like your movement cost (in stamina), your accuracy, damage you can do, and what items you can use. For instance, you can't use a bow with only one arm. Minor injuries (Scratches, Injuries, or Breaks) can be healed over time, other injuries (Badly Broken or Gone) have to be healed by magic, potions, or quests. I'll have to make a lot of the early quests heal your character, since otherwise it'll be a pain in the ass if your thief loses an arm and can't use his bow any more (A thief's primary weapon).
The body status will look something like this:
(Taken from Phantasie III)

Well, it's 5am here, and I'm knackered. So I'm offski...
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Make sure you have the "Brain Surgery" skill like in Retromud, it allows players to cut up other players to revive lost abilities and physical capabilities.

Of course, if you fail your skill check you can often send the other player into a coma or worse.

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