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I was sitting in the CSCI lab today talking with some people and discovered that you HAVE to have a minor to graduate. Previously I was unaware of this, and was stunned to find that you had to have one. I guess I didn't read enough in the catalog or something.

Anyway, I thought that it might suck, but I looked into potential minors and found Physics to be quite appealing. We have to have a minimum of 15 hours in our minor concentration, and luckily enough, 8 of those hours should be taken up by the first and second electronics classes, which I definitely want to take. I'm still relatively early on in my degree, so I really don't need to worry about my minor right now. I still have a few core things to get out of the way, and of course the major. Better to find all of this out now rather than later though I suppose.

On another note, next week begins my spring break. Many of you think that i'm long past due, but we have always scheduled our spring break to correspond to The Masters Golf Tournament, since traffic sucks at that time. We'll be off to Florida during most of the week (Disney [grin]), and on the weekend of the spring break, I should be heading off to a programming competition which seems like it'll be cool.
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