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Startin' up

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First, GDNet+ rules.

That said, I'm getting this started in hopes I'll actually use it. Like many, I have the bad habit of starting things and never coming close to finishing; getting distracted by something else. This shall be my attempt at combatting this foul ailment, or at least maintaining some continuity in the things I work on.

I'll post something interesting (i.e. gamedev related) tomorrow, or maybe the day after.

Right now I have to read ~150 fascinating pages of the governement textbook I bought 4 hours ago. Thank god I did too, it's just what I needed to study for the exam tomorrow ...
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Welcome to the gang! Make sure you post all the screenshots you can.

Oh, and here's your welcome ratings ++!

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It feels like you are a member of some elite society where the journals are its secret meeting places doesn't it? I just joined as well and am now just getting settled with the journals.

Oh and here is some rating++ (had to be a +10 to move you over!) to bump you over to 1300+, I know how annoying it is to teeter on the brink of two centuries... Congratulations!!! And dont forget to stop by at my journal sometime. [smile]

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