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Just a bug, eh ?

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Stephen R


Okay, so we've started on making the levels. Dr Default designs/builds them, I just clean up the mess (and what a mess). Three levels are finished, minus some tweaking once we get them playtested, but its already thrown a good few bugs into the light which I'm now going to spend the rest of today getting rid of.

The biggest one I've already fixed - a level had become corrupt after the level editor messed up loading it and since each level takes over an hour to build I really wanted to salvage that file. It took me a while to track down what had been causing the loading problem in the editor. I made some adjustments to allow the editor to load the mangled file and then save it out as a propper level and then I finallized the fixed level loading code. That was the big one out of teh way now onto the small uns

Unfortunately the rest of the bugs aren't quite as obvious, so I'm going to have to spend alot of time stepping through code. I really wish I'd bothered to write a logger in this engine, but its more hasstle than its worth to add it now.
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